Wheat Belly Blog reader, PJ, left this wonderful letter in the comments to the last post, Wheatlessness and the New “Normal.

I can scream, yell, and write nasty things about this thing called “wheat” until I’m blue, but the message is best heard from people close to us. This is PJ’s call to friends and family to open their eyes: Health is just a breadcrumb away.

Nothing beats showing up at a holiday party of friends or family 40 pounds lighter, glowing with newly rediscovered health, full of energy and optimism, while everyone else is wondering how much longer they can hold their bowel urgency, how much leg edema will result from standing on their feet for more than an hour, and why that plate of cookies shrinks faster than all others. Let this be your holiday season of wheatless health for you and your family!


Dear Friends, Family and Co-Workers:

You’ve been complaining that you just can’t lose those extra pounds and you feel like crap. You’re concerned about your blood sugar and don’t know why you get those stomach aches after you eat and the bathroom has become your personal chamber of horrors. Heartburn, joint pain, and acne are daily battles. Your doctor says you should be on statins and blood pressure meds because he has your best interests at heart. He’s the one that knows what’s good for you. Besides, wouldn’t it just be easier to do as you’re told?

I can feel your frustration and helplessness when you talk about how you feel and your fears for the future. I tell you over and over and over again to eliminate the grains and sugar from your diet but you tell me that you just CAN’T give up your breads and desserts. It’s too HARD! You say you would do ANYTHING to lose the weight and feel better but it doesn’t make sense that “they” would tell us to eat at least six servings a day if it wasn’t good for you! And fat makes you fat! And it clogs your arteries! Right?

You think I’m a wacko and roll your eyes when I talk about dietary lifestyle. God forbid you read a book or do a little internet research. You’ve decided to do as you were told (because it’s easier and you don’t have to think for yourself) and all the experts agree that you need to cut back on red meat and all fats, eat lots of fruits and veggies and more whole healthy grains. And this time, for sure, you’re going to exercise like a fiend. After all, it’s calories in, calories out, right? After all, it worked one time, long ago when you needed to lose 10 pounds to look awesome in your new dress . . . in HIGH SCHOOL.

Well, when those pounds come back and you feel worse than ever, you’re going to see your doctor to get his/her expert advice and he/she will probably tell you it’s all in your head or you’re not trying hard enough. So you’re going to reduce your calories even more and add a couple extra miles a week to your jogging program. It’s not going to work, tho, because, let’s face it . . . you’re weak and lack motivation. When you fail, it’ll be your fault because the advice you’ve been given is the gold standard for health, after all.

Eventually your doctor will intimidate you into taking his magic pills. And you’ll take them, because it’s easier. Don’t worry about the side effects of these drugs because there’s another pill for that, too. This will go on until you’re held together with pharmaceutical band aids, living a longer, albeit miserable, unproductive life.

But look on the bright side. If the label that’s slapped on what’s ailing you is serious enough there are so many benefits to becoming disabled! Disability gets you a handicapped sticker for convenient parking, discounts on public transportation, priority seating on an airplane (if you fit in their seats by that time), and you don’t have to work at a job for your income. Yea! Those electric scooters at your favorite stores are so much fun! Hey, maybe disability/Medicare will make sure you get one of your very own, at no cost to you! (All my grain eating friends that live alone, don’t forget that you can get a discount on Life Alert through AARP!) Don’t even concern yourself about the price of all your prescriptions because there is always a benevolent drug company willing to help with the cost. You’ll get all of this without ever having to think for yourself or take responsibility for your health. After all, isn’t it just . . . EASIER?

Your healthy friends may drift away, but you’ll never have to worry about being lonely because you’ll be making tons of new friends with the people you meet in the doctors’ waiting rooms! Imagine all the beautiful Christmas cards you’ll get every year from all those doctors and their caring staff!

Remember, it’s never too late to change your attitude toward your health. I’m here if you’re serious about making a change for the better. I have a ton of websites you can visit, a bunch of books you can read and lots of people you can talk to. It’s your choice.

However, if you choose to stay the path you’re on . . . I’ll miss you.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!