Remember Grace? She was the reader who experienced a life transformation after years of misdiagnoses and failed treatments for her multitude of disabling health problems, including hair loss that her doctor declared would save money at the hairdresser, only to finally discover it was . . . wheat.

Here’s an update she posted:

I used to wake up every morning full of such resolve to get healthy, lose weight, have more energy. I was prepared to use hyper vigilance with food and be super consistent with exercise. Today was THE day! And then, by the time my head hit the pillow I would be full of anguish, self-loathing and despair because, once again, I had failed. This went on for years.

That scenario is no longer a part of my life. I wake up eager to face the day and I go to bed feeling successful. I sleep soundly and wake refreshed. I smile and laugh a lot.

I decided to weigh myself once a week and measure my waist, hips and upper arms once a month until I reach my goal weight of 135-140 pounds.

I”ve lost 22 pounds since the 21st of January.
I”ve lost 4.5 inches from my waist since the 28th of January.
I”ve lost 1.5 inches from my hips.
I”ve lost 1.5 inches from my upper arms.

4.5 inches from my waist!!! I”m pinching myself again to see if I”m dreaming.

My diet has been free of wheat (and oats and high GI carbs) since February 12, which is also my wedding anniversary. I was teasing my husband about not getting me an anniversary present. But, as it turns out, reading excepts from Wheat Belly to me (I”ve since read it from cover to cover) was the best present he could ever have given me.