Roberto left this comment, bubbling over with enthusiasm over his and his wife’s wheat-free experience.

Be careful: It’s almost too hot to handle!

Dr Davis-
We are in our early 50”s. Typical issues – tired – snap/crackle/pop of joints – weight gain – IBS – allergies- sagging bits here and there, etc. Not one major specific ailment, just a common “middle aged” acceptance of what we observed, and what we were taught, would be our fate after 50.

We purchased your book – read & reread it several times – fact-checked, & then decided to go “cold wheat”! I went to the pantry (with her consent) & read EVERY label! Laid all the “bad” ingredients heaped on 2 tables spilling on the floor – priceless look on her face when she came home. Her response – not possible – do you know how much this cost? – we CAN”T just give it away!

Today, 6 weeks later – our joint agreed revelation is thus – we are GOBSMACKED!

Not simply weight loss! ALL-0VER FAT LOSS!! Our combined fat loss is, conservatively, 30lbs. We have lost it on every part of our bodies. We have come to the new “general rule”: If it’s easy to put FAT ON, then it is easy to take FAT OFF – and it IS!!!

Health benefits: fat loss – better sleep – all skin conditions improved – her hypothyroid meds have been lowered for 1st time in 30 years. (Doc. called us in to explain.) – spring in our step – twinkle in our eyes again – no binge-eating – renewed joy cooking together & the eating of ‘real’ ‘whole’ ‘tasty’ foods – great red wine – at ease with life.

Simply put – we are living life again!

Yet, here is one I have not read about thus far – hair/color regeneration: head – eyebrow – chest – legs – yes, all over!? My 20 years of grey hair, daily being replaced by new colored hairs, one by one. That proves to me that the regeneration is internal as well as external. WOW!

Negative: I attended a gents-night-out, complete with 4 dark beers & chicken wings. Next day, right back into the FOG – IBS – all the negative symptoms roared back! It has taken 7 days to recover. lesson learned for me!!

To the doubters – so be it. Read – Reread – Fact-check – Then try it for 4 weeks . . . FULL ON. Like me, the only thing I lost was fat – ill health – fog-like mind set – waiting on life instead of living it.
Today, we are living life – every glorious, clear headed, moment.

thx dr davis.

What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing your experience, Roberto.

Not everyone, of course, experiences such dramatic responses as Roberto and his wife. But even if “only” 20% of people (and, in real life, it’s a far higher percentage than that) respond with this shift in food choices, isn’t that still pretty good? We’re not talking hospital procedures here, or nasty drugs. We’re talking about a shift in food choices away from this Frankengrain created by geneticists and agribusiness.