Read Grace’s incredible story of a life dissolving into the oblivion of weight gain and misery, transformed within days to an epiphany of life transformed . . . all by saying goodbye to wheat.

I haven”t had any lab/blood work done since I began eating ala Wheat Belly recommendations. When I do, I will post before and after stats. I have been told I have borderline high cholesterol and my fasting blood sugar fluctuates between normal and slightly high readings. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 6 years ago and am now taking 125 mcg of levothyroxine. I don”t know what my BP is because I was told I have ”white coat” syndrome. I”ve had reading as high as 190/110.

I”ve had chronic back pain (injury), joint pain pretty much all over my body, especially in my left hip (sciatica, congenital hip dysplasia). For about 20 years, I have had episodes of what I assume is hypoglycemia daily unless I eat a small mid-morning meal containing protein. Even then I will still often become extremely weak, shaky, clammy, dizzy, sometimes overwhelmingly tired. I could never do anything before eating in the morning without experiencing that response. Even showering would leave me shaking.

Immediately after breakfast (1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup fresh fruit, tbs yogurt, hempseeds), I would sneeze violently for 5 to 10 minutes, then get so sleepy I could barely stay awake for about 1/2 hour.

My energy levels have been very low for years. Losing weight seemed like an impossibility for me. I”d been walking 2-4 hours almost every day (which left me utterly exhausted) with no weight loss for 4 years. I was having overwhelming cravings for carbs in the evening between 7 and 10 PM. I”ve overcome addictions to smoking and alcohol with no trouble, but just could not control the desire for carbs. I”ve been steadily gaining weight since I took off about 40 lbs using the Ornish method of weight loss. Did not track my triglycerides, so don”t know if I had the same response mentioned in the Wheat Belly book, but suspect I did.

I”ve always eaten a healthful diet as far as mostly fresh veggies, salads, making everything from scratch, no processed foods, no sodas, no junk food, very little sugar, moderate consumption of eggs, cheese, butter, dark chocolate as a treat, goats’ milk yogurt, moderate amounts of meat–-usually fish and chicken, turkey, pork, occasional high quality beef.

When my FBS [fasting blood sugar] levels started showing diabetic tendencies, I changed to whole grains, and whole wheat, as all the official nutrition info told me to do. I”ve felt ill, tired and hopeless for years. Most doctors, if they don”t come right out and say this, at least imply it: “You”re getting old. Get used to it. There”s nothing you can do about it.” My most recent doc told me that diabetes was a degenerative disease, about which nothing really could be done and that I”d have to take medication for it eventually. I was determined to try, with diet and exercise to stay off medication. My FBS went from 7.2 [130 mg/dl] to 5.5 [99 mg/dl] but, after a long illness and inactivity, it was back over 7 [126 mg/dl] the last time it was checked.

A few years ago my doc ordered an ultrasound because I was having a lot of lower/right abdominal pain. I was sent to an internal medicine specialist who palpated my abdomen and declared that there was nothing wrong with me and that abdominal pain was ”common and often chronic.” The ultrasound showed only a fatty liver. My doctor said “Your liver would put a foie gras goose to shame.” and laughed. I was alarmed and asked to have the condition explained and for advice of what to do about it. “Nothing. It might go away if you lose some weight but, honestly, I”d be more concerned about breast cancer, if I were you.” Same doctor that ordered a mibby [technetium-99m MIBI scan] for me when I had classic thyroid symptoms. My physiotherapist suggested to me that my problems might be thyroid. Once it was confirmed and I was still experiencing major symptoms I asked about having my dosage increased. I was told that I should expect to wait two years before I began to feel somewhat normal again. The doctor told me I was lucky that my hair was falling out because I could save so much money at the beauty salon. I could tell you many more stories like this. I do have a very large ax to grind when it comes to the medical treatment (or lack thereof) I”ve received.

But, onto the good news: After 2 weeks of being wheat/gluten free and also free of any of the high GI carbs:

NO episodes of hypoglycemia. Period. I”ve even cut out the mid morning snack. I can walk several km [kilometers] before breakfast.
I”ve lost 20 lbs, never hungry. I have 0 cravings. I am naturally eating smaller portions and feeling full.
I have more energy than I can ever remember having as an adult.
All of my joint and back pain is greatly reduced. I keep laughing because I stand up prepared to feel like the sore, stiff, achy old person I have been for years…and I”m NOT!
My formerly tender abdomen…isn”t. The inflammation around my liver is diminished.
My mid section is reduced by inches.
The brain fog is lifted, my concentration and memory are improved. My outlook has gone from hopeless, depressed, grumpy to…well, downright bouncy.
A body-wide rash and the erythma nosodum (I think that”s what it is from the description in Wheat Belly. Doctors are always just mystified and prescribe cortisone creams.) on my shins is clearing up.
My hair has stopped falling out and my nails are stronger.

I keep pinching myself to make sure I”m not dreaming. Folks, I”m 61 years old and about 100 (now 80) pounds overweight. If I can feel this amazing after only two weeks, well, just imagine what this might do for you. I, too, was telling everyone who would listen, but quickly discerned that probably the best way to affect change is to let everyone see the positive difference in me and then explain, if they ask me, how this change came about.

Dr. Davis, thank you giving me the tools to get my life back.