Dietitan and Food Network blogger, Toby Amidor, recently posted this review of Wheat Belly on the Food Network website.

Imagine walking into a room of former alcoholics and asking, “Anyone want a drink?”

Among the tidbits:

“The website [Wheat Belly Blog] (with its grotesque weight loss transformation of bikini-clad women) is free and has a recipe library, success stories, blog, and links to the Wheat Belly book, which sells for about $26.00. Other costs associated with the diet include the money lost when you toss all your wheat products and the notion of completely eliminating any sweets or processed goods FOREVER.”

“Many healthy foods are eliminated or significantly decreased including whole grains, fruits, and legumes (beans, peas and lentils). Many nutrients and variety is also limited or eliminated from the diet.”

“It is virtually impossible to follow this plan while traveling or dining out.”

“Going cold turkey isn’t an effective way to teach someone good habits. Many folks will stop this diet just as quickly as they started it.”

She then posted a request for others to post their experiences. Oh, boy: She got far more than she asked for. Just within a short time, over 250 comments were posted. Among the 250+ comments, I believe there was 1 that agreed, and then only partially. Among the comments posted:

Gourmet Girl:
I have lost 40 pounds in 3-1/2 months following this plan. I eliminated grains and sugar and it has been a breeze! I love it — it has been one of the easiest plans I have ever followed — no hunger or cravings whatsoever! In case you are wondering…there was no exercise involved in my 40-lb weight loss.

Healthy Girl:
I haven’t eaten wheat for almost 17 years. I’m at a normal weight for my height, rarely get sick, look 10 years younger than I really am, and have plenty of energy. Tell me again why eating wheat is necessary and how “unrealistic and unhealthy” this diet is?

I am an absolute Wheat Belly convert as of 4 months ago. It is by far the easiest, most nutritious and delicious way to eat. My husband has lost 18lbs and I have lost 14lbs and we feel amazing both physically and emotionally. We are so glad that we discovered Dr Davis and Wheat Belly, this is so easy to sustain there is no question that it can be ‘for life’.

Wheat Belly is not impossible to follow. I started last winter and have been grain free since. I have ZERO desire to have grains because I feel so good. . I dare anyone to give up grains for 30 days, I bet people would be shocked on how good they feel. I no longer get migraines, acid reflux, joint pains, and my hair and skin look amazing! I am off my anxiety medicine as well. Consuming wheat is unhealthy plain and simple. Thanks Dr. Davis for educating everyone!!

I’ve tried many ways of eating and LOVE following the wheat belly way. I have more energy, GONE are those horrible cravings for food, those hunger pangs which often led to cheating. – I’ve lost about 10 lbs, my IBS symptoms are gone, pain in legs and knees much reduced, watery eyes – gone, blocked nose symptoms – gone. My skin is clear and smooth and I actually look younger. I also sleep much better!

Try eliminating grains and see what happens. I dare you. Never again will I eat wheat – it’s not worth going back to pain and suffering.

I truly hope that anyone who reads this baseless review of Wheat Belly also takes the time to read these comments! The Wheat Belly lifestyle is about SO MUCH MORE than weight loss! (This is coming from someone who has lost 27 lbs, and my husband has lost 37… the weight loss is real and easy and wonderful, but the best benefits are freedom from pain!)

Wheat is an extremely inflammatory substance which cannot be digested properly in the human body. Consuming wheat leads to all sorts of issues such as joint pain, migraines and headaches, acid reflux, allergies, sinus issues, digestive problems such as IBS, high LDL cholesterol, visceral weight gain, obesity, diabetes and MORE… seems like a pretty long list of ailments for a supposed “health food”! There aren’t any nutrients in wheat that cannot be found elsewhere in foods that do not have these terrible side effects. However, wheat is cheap, plentiful, subsidized by the government and keeps the pharmaceutical industry happy because they can dole out meds for all those above-mentioned maladies that are chronic due to the ongoing ingestion of a TOXIN. Remove the toxin, remove the need for meds.

Wheat is also addictive, and many people have to go through a detox and withdrawal period when they give it up. Ummm… other health foods don’t have withdrawal periods! When you go without broccoli or cheese for a week you don’t suffer because of it. That’s because wheat acts on the brain in the same way an opiate does! It is addictive and causes intense hunger cravings, which is why most people find actual freedom from food cravings for the first time in their lives when they are off the wheat. That is also the reason that the author of this article is completely mistaken when they say that people can’t do this long term. The exact OPPOSITE is true! My family has been off wheat since March, and it’s the easiest, smartest and most effective lifestyle change we have ever made. We will never eat wheat again, of our own free will.

The book does not promote fasting unless someone wants to do so (and some people love to!) … however, the lack of hunger definitely leads to eating fewer meals for most people. Also, we snack… it’s just that many times a snack may stand in for a meal because the appetite is just not out of control!

We eat out all the time, but we eat healthy foods… steak, seafood, baked or grilled chicken, bunless burgers, big beautiful salads or steamed veggies with butter, some soups. Maybe you can’t eat at fast food joints, but c’mon, what health plan suggests that you do?

And as for travel? It’s easier than ever because we aren’t having to stop for snacks all the time! Pack some cheese, hard-boiled eggs, nuts, chilled grilled meat, some berries, maybe chocolate chip cookies or cream cheese bars made with almond flour or coconut flour… easy peasy!

The notion of “Healthy Whole Grains” and a low fat diet has had its chance over the past 30 years, and it led to an out of control obesity and diabetes epidemic and a very happy Pharmaceutical industry. It’s time now to ditch the wheat, grains and sugars and up the fats while eating plenty of veggies, meats, nuts and cheeses with an occasional indulgence of fruit. Try it for a month before you bash it! There comes a time in life when even the most avid “believer” (dietician, doctor) needs to admit that they were wrong, and take comfort in the fact that they thought they were promoting truth, and it wasn’t their fault… but NOW is a different story. Nutritional science is proving that grains are damaging, and the thousands of anecdotal stories from people who feel amazing, back it up. When people’s lives are changed drastically and fundamentally for the better, they tend to be vocal about it.

Such a disappointing article! I’ve lost 30 pounds by giving up wheat. The crunchy/salty cravings for crackers, cereal and toast I’ve had all my life are GONE! I swear to god I crave veggies now, I’m about to cook up some kale and spinach with onions and bacon. I usually only eat 2 meals a day because I just am not focused on having to constantly eat. It is so refreshing!

70 lbs, all meds gone, pre diabetes gone, working really well for me!

I think the person who wrote this article should have researched a wheat free lifestyle by actually trying it first. I guarentee it would have read differently! After a LIFETIME of fighting obesity and 7 years of diabetes, I read Wheat Belly. In 2 months time I lost 10 lbs, and 3 inches from my waist. My sugar and carb cravings disappeared in days. I sleep better than I have in years and have way more energy! My allergies, IBS and PMS are gone and my A1c has dropped almost to the point of no longer being diabetic. So as far as I am concerned, NO ONE (no matter how much of an expert they may be) can convince me that going wheat free is unhealthy.

I lost 111 pounds on the program, in 9 months, and have continued to follow it and have maintained the weight loss for the past 5 months.

I have never, ever felt better in my life! I’m approaching 50. My knee pain, arthritis in two fingers, constant heartburn, migraines, allergies and vertigo are gone. I haven’t had a single one of them since August 2011 when I started.

124 pounds down after eliminating grains, high sugar fruits and starchy (high carb) veggies. Tell me again how I need “healthy whole grains?”

Lost 70 lbs., no more allergies, no more joint pain, and all disease markers went down. Any other questions?

Yeah yeah, new faddy diet, must be b*llsh*t, right? Wrong. I’ve been struggling to contain my weight problem for 20 years, and have tried many different diets. After giving up wheat in all forms I lost 4 kilos in 10 days, and what do you know, that weight has stayed off, and I’m not strict about anything else but wheat in my current eating habits. And also, since I stopped wheat, my high blood pressure has dropped to just about normal, and I have halved my blood pressure medication. I am hoping to be able to give it up altogether. Oh yes, and I’ve had IBS for years, and that has stopped, too. You want me to go on?

Sorry Toby but you are so wrong. Since going off wheat 100%,here is what happened….No more back pain, no more diabetes (went from taking 50 units a day to NO meds at all). All my blood sugars are normal, lost 44 pounds, have tons of energy, no more cholesterol meds, no more blood pressure meds, and same for my husband. Also many of my friends have experienced the same benefits, including no heart disease as well as no more depression and on and on. Dr. Davis has been my inspiration and it probably would do you well to try his plan. He is a truly caring doctor who really wants people to be healthy and off their drugs.

Since this article is on, I can only imagine that they want us to eat horribly unhealthy foods since that is what foodnetwork centers around. Oh yes, we watch the channel, and it has taught me many thing about cooking and using herbs, etc. But Foodnetwork….wheat is bad. You should consider more cooking shows that cater to the wheatless crowd…you might be surprised, you might just change the way America eats and then you would be a contributor to the their success instead of to their demise.

Get the idea? And that was just a sampling. Ms. Amidor: You listening? How about you take me up on my offer to have an on-air debate on any TV channel (including Food Network), any time? I’d be more than willing to debate every issue about wheat that I’ve raised.