I met Jason at a lecture I did a couple of months ago. He described his family’s story of health transformation to me, including relief from a range of conditions, after everyone eliminated all wheat/gluten from their lives. So I asked him to put his family’s story down into words for others to read.

My wife, Kim, and I had our first child in 2003 and everything was normal. But a couple years later, she started experiencing endometriosis and her OB [obstetrician] recommended she have a full hysterectomy. We were not done having kids, so she refused and continued birth control etc., to try to curb the inflammation. She had one minor procedure to “clear things up” and that helped for a small period of time. Soon after that, we decided that it was time to try to expand our family. After a full year-and-a-half of trying, a couple more “clean up” surgeries, hormone therapies from a fertility specialist, and even artificial insemination, we gave up hope. Thankfully, the Lord had a different plan for us and we became pregnant in the spring of 2007 and delivered a healthy baby boy in December of that year. Immediately after, my wife’s problems returned with a vengeance.

Soon after that, we hired Dr. Brooks Rice [in Kansas City]. After a few questions, he immediately told her to get off gluten, which she begrudgingly did, but almost instantly saw results. The pain that she had endured went away and to this day has not returned. Her OB was amazed and grateful. Other issues that cleared up were some rollercoaster of energy associated with the gluten and mild mood swings. Those, too, have subsided with the gluten free diet. While she has never officially been tested for celiac disease, trace amounts of gluten in food is enough to make her sick for hours, so we obviously treat it as she has the disease.

While she has gotten her life back, I will say the biggest thing that has taken place was in the summer of 2010 when we decided to try one more time to add another child and, without being too graphic, one night of trying created our next child. It is amazing how well the human body works when you put it in the right environment.

The second gluten victim in our household is our son. When he was one year old, he was tested for milk allergy due to severe eczema, but the test was negative. Well, good old Dr. Rice advised us to take him off anyway and see what happens. And, as you can probably guess, he cleared up almost instantly. As he got a little older, he developed some breathing/coughing problems. First diagnosed as croup, and he was treated repeatedly with antibiotics until finally we were stuck giving our little dude breathing treatments twice a day for “illness induced asthma.” Again, Dr. Rice recommended removing gluten. And by now you know the ending of this story: fixed him completely. He is now a very healthy, happy almost 5-year-old and he really does not miss gluten at all. When offered a snack, he always asks the giver if it has wheat or gluten. They are kind of surprised but will look in the ingredients for him. When it does, they feel bad (also typically surprised at what has wheat in it), but he just says “that’s OK,” and goes on his merry way.

My story is a bit different, as I never exhibited symptoms that I knew of. But we did a 3-week cleanse at work in the spring of 2011 and wheat was one of the foods that were eliminated during the cleanse. Upon reintroducing it to my system, my body completely rejected it: stomach cramps unlike anything I had ever felt. I waited a couple days and tried a piece of pizza: no go. While I had cut back my wheat with my wife, I was now forced to a life of being gluten-free. Well, that spring I turned 40, and for the first spring of my life I had no allergies: no symptoms, no drugs, no nothing. Which is amazing, since I had been on every drug for allergies ever created at some point or another. I was previously forced to carry prescription eye drops because my eyes would swell shut several times a season, and I always had in inhaler to treat asthma that would be present with my allergies. I am now FREE of that life, and it is so worth the “inconvenience” of being gluten-free.

While I would like to think our story is unique, I know it is not. We cross paths with countless people who know some or part of our story and describe similar issues they are experiencing and we have helped them achieve similar results. In fact, since your talks, I have come across several people from our pool that have gone gluten-free, and all of them have had amazing results. One woman went from being a gall bladder removal candidate to completely free of pain. My very good friend, who has always had a problem with weight and adhering to any lifestyle change, emailed me this week to let me know he is down 15 lbs, and his wife is down several too. I emailed him back to tell him that is awesome and that I am sure it goes without saying that he is not starving himself or even hungry. He immediately responded, “Yes, it goes without saying, it is truly amazing.”

One family who experienced relief from the pain of endometriosis, infertility, eczema, allergy, low energy, mood swings, including a young mother who avoided hysterectomy–just by choosing to not eat “healthy whole grains.”

Can any other food result in such an incredible array of health conditions, all cured by removing it, even within a single family? I don’t know of any.