Julie posted the story of her wheat-free epiphany:

I have been struggling with intestinal issues all my life. One doctor told me I had irritable bowel syndrome. No testing was done, he just told me that was what I had. Stop eating greasy foods, he said. A friend recommended that I read Wheat Belly, so I bought it and started to read. I was astounded. Just within the first couple chapters, I was ready to begin eating wheat-free.

I started a gluten-free diet two months ago, and I am amazed at the results I am getting. Not only have I lost 16 pounds, my intestinal distress has completely disappeared. I am regular for the first time in my whole life. My energy level has increased, I am not as irritable as I used to be and I haven’t had one single headache, when I used to get them two or three days a week. My cholesterol dropped fron 275 to 199, as well. My husband doesn’t believe that just cutting wheat from my diet is what made all these changes. Well, I decided to to “test” it myself, and ate a sandwich on whole wheat bread. Within two hours, I was cramping and running to the bathroom every five minutes.

Reading Dr. Davis’ book has changed my life. I no longer have to be tied to my bathroom. I can go out and enjoy the things I love to do without making sure there’s a bathroom nearby.

I was tested for celiac disease, since all my symptoms disappeared with removal of wheat, but was found negative. I only wish I had known about this years ago. I could have saved myself a lot of pain and discomfort, not to mention depression at times. I am so thankful to Dr. Davis for writing this book, and opening my eyes to the dangers of wheat.

My 73-year old mother, who has diabetes and RA [rheumatoid arthritis], decided to try this diet as well, and her blood sugars have dropped tremendously. She says the RA pain is improving too. We will remain gluten-free for good, and we are feeling so much better as a result.

Julie and her mom, like the many, many thousands of people before her on this blog, join the ranks of the Wheat Free Crazies, as the Wheat Lobby likes to call us. According to them, we are all experiencing a case of mass hysteria, all entranced by my incredible powers of persuasion, made to believe that “healthy whole grains” are actually a creation of the Devil. It means that even people with no positive immune markers for gluten can still experience dramatic turnarounds in health–because it’s in their head.

Maybe that’s what is going on here to explain the incredible transformations of bowel, joint, and mental health we hear about every day: mass hypnosis, all mesmerized by a powerful placebo. Or . . . wheat has indeed become a perfect chronic poison that has no place in the diet of humans, its adverse effects magnified by the genetics manipulations of agribusiness to suit their own agenda, no questions asked about its suitability for human consumption.

You make the choice.