Wheat-free champion, gentleman, and all-around-nice-guy, Boundless, posted this wonderful insight in response to the last Wheat Belly Blog post about enhanced human performance minus wheat:

The unspoken dark side of the Wheat Belly Way: Retrogeria

In most adults, there is a rapid reverse aging (the inverse of progeria) caused by the WB lifestyle change. It usually stops at about an age-equivalent of 21. But even this can have significant side effects, such as:

* You’ll need a whole new wardrobe.
* Acquaintances won’t recognize you.
* You may get carded when ordering a drink.
* You’ll need a new license and passport photo.
* You’ll have to give up that handicapped parking tag.
* You may get hit on by younger singles.

However, in some cases (estimated at 1 in 42), severe acute youthfulness results, and requires urgent action. Usually, eating an occasional apple does the trick, as the fructose content arrests the retrogeria.

But whatever you do, don’t eat wheat. You want to arrest the process, not catastrophically reverse it.

Your metabolism may vary.
Bariatrics not included.

Thank goodness the process stops at age 21–else you might need to repeat high school!