Lydia before and afterLydia posted this wonderful comment describing her unexpected and profound wheat-free experience and how she is using it to change the lives and health of those around her.

“I started Wheat Belly 56 days ago. Since then I have learned so much about food, about not basing my life around the scale and counting calories. I have ALWAYS been overweight and for 10 years the medical issues that come with it: thyroid, insulin resistance, depression.

In this short amount of time, I have lost 23 pounds and 2 prescriptions. I have never felt this clear minded or positive about anything before. Every ‘diet’ I have ever been on (and that is A LOT) has failed. Wheat Belly was the first way of eating in which I’ve felt free of normal dieting restrictions. I am confident that this is a lifestyle and doesn’t require ‘cheat days.’

Along with changing my outlook and health, I’ve managed to help my 57-year old mother who has not been well my entire life. Four back surgeries, every kind of arthritis, migraines, thyroid, high blood pressure, adult onset diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, and the list goes on. She was on 16 different prescriptions with multiple doctors and specialist who do not have answers other than more pills.

In the first two months, she’s had relief for the first time. 43 pounds lighter, standing straighter, more energy, life and color back to her face and voice, control over muscles. It’s absolutely outstanding.

I’ve been such an advocate for your book that 17 of my friends now own both of your books and are starting their journey. They come to me for advice and motivation. This group of people includes my brother, who is a pharmaceutical scientist! He’s now a firm believer that your body is capable of healing and maintaining health when fueled by the right foods. My life is changed and my mother got hers back.”

The Wheat Belly movement continues to grow and grow.

Had Wheat Belly just been a book, first released in August, 2011, it would have enjoyed — at best — a few months in the spotlight and then, as with all books, fizzle out of public attention. Instead, the Wheat Belly wheat-free movement has grown larger and larger, now growing faster and faster.

And this has little or nothing to do with me. While I got the discussion going, exposing modern semi-dwarf wheat for the poisonous food it is, it’s people like Lydia and her mom that keep spreading this message.

Think how profound this revelation is: We do the OPPOSITE of what we are advised to do by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, we go against the Food Pyramid and Plate of the USDA, ignore the advice of the Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition and the absurd teachings of the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association — and lives and weight are transformed.

Not just losing a few pounds, but getting rid of long lists of nasty prescriptions, being freed from pain and mental fog, reclaiming energy and happiness that many thought were long gone.

Following the wheat-free lifestyle not only changes your life —it also ripples through the lives of the people around you.