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Sydney shares her 2-month Wheat Belly experience with us:

Left is my “before”: 5′ 1″ 160 lbs, a size 12 (tight size 12, sweat pants were my best friend). Tired, bloated, heartburn, acid reflux. Just look at that ginormous gut! (No, don’t look!, too awful.)

And on the right is now, wheat, all grains, and sugar-free since January 2nd of this year, down to 127 pounds. I lost an initial 20 lbs. losing just the wheat, the rest came off after I gave up all grains and sugar, as well.

Counting calories will not provide relief from fatigue. Pushing the plate away will not get rid of heartburn or acid reflux. Eating smaller portion sizes will not reverse inflammation. This is why the Wheat Belly lifestyle is so effective: it accomplishes all those things and more, as well as substantial weight loss.

After all, it’s not really weight loss we are after, but recovering our health–weight will follow.

For similar reasons, if weight loss eludes you on this lifestyle, it’s not because it does not work; it’s because there remains something wrong with your health. Discussions about such health issues that block weight loss can be found in the Wheat Belly Blog videos, as well as an extended discussion–with solutions–in Wheat Belly Total Health.