Jennifer before and after

Jennifer provided an update after a year and a half on the Wheat Belly lifestyle:

A year and a half wheat-free and I am now down 113 pounds!

“Going wheat-free has been a life changer. At my worst, I was experiencing heartburn, foot pain and swelling, back pain, coughing and headaches. I was afraid to go to the doctor for fear of what he would tell me. The wheezing has stopped, I sleep better at night and I am not having foot pain and swelling. The headaches and heartburn have disappeared completely. I went from not being able to tie my own shoes without getting out of breath to running and working out at Crossfit. Going wheat-free and Paleo has given me the opportunity to live a normal, active life again and to enjoy playing soccer with my kids!

I believe it is no exaggeration to say that Jennifer’s life has been transformed by her wheat-free lifestyle. Before she engaged in this lifestyle, she was clearly experiencing joint and airway inflammation, disruption of gastrointestinal health, headaches, and was impaired by weight. Look at her now: I’m sure that family, friends, and neighbors barely recognize her!

Jennifer chose to combine her wheat-free lifestyle with some of the additional “paleo” restrictions and exercise, though those added strategies are not always necessary to achieve such extravagant results.

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