This is me [left] last summer when I first started Wheat Belly……and this is what my face looked like on Easter 2 weeks ago [right].Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.58.35 PM

Gwen adds the photos of her several month facial transformation developing with the Wheat Belly lifestyle. The change is so dramatic that I’ll bet that friends no longer recognize her.

As with so many Wheat Belly facial transformations, note the reversal of edema/puffiness, a reflection of receding inflammation both in the face as well as in the rest of the body.

You will also notice that, the more of these “before” and “after” contrasts you see, you can begin to pick out the Wheat Faces among the people you encounter. Look for the edema, redness on the cheeks and along the nose, and puffiness around the eyes–none of which you see in Gwens’ wonderful “after” photo.