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Maggie’s sister, Kelly, was featured in a wonderful writeup of her Wheat Belly transformation in Woman’s World Magazine. This inspired Maggie to follow suit.

My sister Kelly is in this week’s copy of Woman’s World for her weight loss. I started it right after and since then I have lost 27 pounds.

“She inspired me to change the way I ate. No more brain fog, more energy, happier, feel like a kid again, all thanks to her!”

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Maggie’s experience is a wonderful example of how the transformation of one person can motivate others to follow. Many of you know that, if you preach about the wonderful things that happened to you with the Wheat Belly lifestyle, people are often skeptical or resistant. But let them come to you once you become the example of slenderness and health. Let them ask you how and why you look so terrific.

And did you notice the change in Maggie’s face?