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Beth shared her photos and experience living the Wheat Belly lifestyle:

“I want to take a moment to thank you, Dr. Davis, for giving me a second chance at life through your knowledge and being willing to go against the grain, no pun intended. I started the Wheat Belly journey 4 months ago and knew this was for me.

“I have spent my entire life overweight. I was on meds for blood pressure, insulin resistance, thyroid, psoriasis and received yearly cortisone shots in my legs for pyoderma gangrenosum caused by constant inflammation of the skin. These are just the major medical issues, but many more issues were present, such as excessive sweating and constant knee pain.

“I am happy to report that I no longer take any medications and I have lost an astounding 43.5 pounds! I can’t thank you enough for giving me back my life.”

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Yes, losing weight yields health benefits, including reductions in blood pressure and blood sugar. But wheat/grain-free experiences like that of Beth’s highlight all the other effects that develop beyond that accounted for by weight loss: reversal of skin rashes like psoriasis and pyoderma gangrenosum, knee pain, inability to control appetite, thyroid inflammation, and others. Just being freed of all the adverse effects of prescription drugs is another.

The Wheat Belly lifestyle is a means of regaining control over health . . . with weight loss, even substantial like Beth’s, a happy side benefit. This is why I point out that, to an incredible degree, the “healthcare” system is the system we have created to treat the effects of consuming wheat and grains. Lose the wheat and grains, regain health, use the healthcare system as little as possible. That is personal health empowerment.

Here’s an example of pyoderma gangrenosum (from Wikipedia):

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