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Chiropractor Dr. Steven Chang provided this update after one year on the Wheat Belly lifestyle:

“Almost one year grain free Dr. Davis! 125 pounds down so far, and loving life.”

Back in March, 2015, Dr. Steven said:

“I have been grain-free for 10 months now, and only began working out January 2015. It’s amazing what a simple diet change can do to transform your entire life. I’m getting stronger, faster, leaner, and healthier every single day. I hope my picture can inspire others to give up grains and completely change their bodies/health.

“A year ago, I had high blood pressure, pre-diabetes/insulin resistance, many skin problems, painful knees/ankles, plantar fasciitis, and no energy. Ten months later, I feel absolutely flippin’ fantastic and all the problems above are gone! I’m 35 and now in the best shape of my life.”

Dr. Steven now has the insight–and the personal success story–that he can share with thousands of people as a healthcare practitioner. By eliminating this common and ubiquitous collection of dietary toxins in the form of wheat and grains, he has avoided prescription drugs for high blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain and inflammation. He has side-stepped the misery that joint inflammation and diabetes can provide while becoming more energetic and looking terrific. He has added many years to his life by not being pre-diabetic/diabetic. As more and more healthcare practitioners come to appreciate the power of this lifestyle, think what this will do for the health of the public, not to mention healthcare costs.

Regaining health is not just about counting calories or “everything in moderation,” or exercising more, or taking handfuls of nutritional supplements. Genuine health begins with eliminating the factors that destroy health–yes, the “foods” that all health authorities agree should dominate your diet: wheat and grains.