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Chris shared some photos and his experience having followed the Wheat Belly lifestyle for the past 5 months:

Just wanted to say thank you for coming up with a great cookbook and guidelines for my wife and I to go off of. I started on the Wheat Belly lifestyle on 2/16/15. First pic I weighed 288 lbs. 2nd pic I weighed in at 224 lbs! Best of all I feel amazing. Not sluggish anymore, sleep better, and my energy level is way up.

“Who would have thought cutting this stuff out would make somebody feel normal again? I’ve shared my success with many of my friends and family and they’re on board now as well. Anyone who has doubts just needs to try it for a couple months and the results will get them pumped up!

“I’m currently doing a boot camp workout a few times a week now that I’m actually able to be active!

64 pounds in 5 months? Not too shabby! But, as you all know, weight loss is really just one aspect of the return to health that develops with the elimination of wheat and grains. Chris now has energy enough to engage in the very demanding boot camp workout. Sleep is improved, as well, all part of the removal of the gliadin-derived opiates with their range of mind effects, as well as all the other inflammatory components that add to fatigue and stiffness.