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Jennifer shared her “before” and “after” Wheat Belly photos with us:

“I have been grain-free, sugar-free since September, 2014. The picture on the left was me July, 2014 and the picture on the right is me August, 2015.

“I am down 70 pounds, several inches, and feel great about my new eating habits. Even though I still have a long way to go, I am motivated everyday to make good choices. This is the most satisfying lifestyle change I have ever made, thank you Wheat Belly!”

Nobody around here should be cutting calories, reducing portion sizes, avoiding fat, or engaging in extreme exercise (unless you want to do so for your own purposes). By following the Wheat Belly lifestyle, you feel better, look better, reverse multiple health conditions, and lose weight because:

  • You’ve removed indigestible or partially-digestible grain proteins from your diet–gliadin, gliadin-derived peptides, wheat germ agglutinin and others are potent inflammatory factors, now gone.
  • You’ve removed the amylopectin A starch of grains that is responsible for sky-high insulin levels that drive inflammation, distortions of hormones (e.g., higher estrogen and testosterone levels in females), and weight gain.
  • You have removed potent bowel health disrupters in the form of gliadin, gliadin-derived peptides, wheat germ agglutinin, and others that not just damage the delicate intestinal lining and impair digestion (e.g., cholecystokinin block), but also alter bowel flora, leading to dysbiosis.
  • You follow this lifestyle and are not plagued by hunger, as you have removed the appetite-stimulants in wheat and grains: gliadin-derived opiate peptides that would have previously bound to the opiate receptors of the brain to stimulate hunger, gliadin-derived peptides that block leptin, and the roller-coaster ride of blood sugar that results in 2-hour cycles of hypoglycemia accompanied by a desperate search for food.

(Anyone who is suffering from hunger or cravings on this lifestyle is really suffering from inadequate fat intake–eat more fat, use more healthy oils like coconut and organic butter.)

Jennifer looks and feels different because she has removed this collection of potent disrupters of health–yes, the ones wholeheartedly endorsed by the U.S. Government, USDA, FDA, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and all pharmaceutical companies.