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Remember Kristen and her husband Marvin? I shared their story last year after Kristen lost a substantial amount of weight and enjoyed a wheat- and grain-free wedding celebration. Kristen and Marvin are back with an update:

“We’d never thought that we would be writing you in this capacity but today, August 3rd, is our 3-year Wheat Belly Anniversary. We are simply gratified with all that we have gone through, to not only have done it, but maintain it. Together, we have lost a total of 110 pounds. I have lost 85 pounds and my husband, 25. Just a month ago, my doctor named me her top patient in cholesterol out of 1500 patients. My husband has lowered and is maintaining his blood pressure and my sciatica nerve has improved so much, that we can hike for miles on end.

“We have not only traveled numerous times in the past 3 years from Los Angeles to Boston and vice versa to care for my mother, but since her death, our health has become more important than ever. This grief has been so treacherous for me personally and, even through that, we are marking this incredible anniversary.

“Not only did we have a wheat-free wedding last year, but we provide organic wheat-free meals at our Bi-Annual Glam Nights in the Domestic Violence Community. We live it, we breathe it, we cook it and we eat it. Our families have said that we are a living example of health and they have joined this movement with us. We now are officially known as “EatMeetnGreet,” where we bring health and wellness into the community.

“We are grateful for you, Dr. Davis. We are in this together and not only fighting for our health, but for the people in our community as well. We are living proof that it can be done at 40 and 46, respectively.

“We started in the beginning and what a beautiful community of people whom we have met through Wheat Belly, who are now lifelong friends.”

Kristen and Marvin provide living proof that this wheat/grain-free lifestyle can indeed be practiced in a community, even carrying them through a wedding. How can people around them NOT sit up and take notice with their 110-pound weight loss, health improvements, and their glowing good health seen in their photographs?