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Matthew shared his 90 day Wheat Belly experience:

“I began my Wheat Belly journey approximately 90 days ago. At that time, I weighed 285 lbs, had really bad sinus/rhinitis/allergy issues, worsening asthma that depended on a rescue inhaler many times a day, high BP, high cholesterol, borderline Type II sugar levels, frequent IBS symptoms, frequent gastric reflux symptoms, the skin on my fingertips would dry, crack and bleed and had for 3 years, chronic hip, knee, and foot pain, and I had not gone home from work a SINGLE DAY in the last 15 months without a headache, and I had not slept a complete night through in 24 months or so.

“90 days later, my cholesterol dropped 75 points, my sugar is consistently between 78 and 95 with rare exception. Morning fasting sugars have not exceeded 115 in a few weeks. Postprandial sugars are never over 115. Skin eruptions and hands are completely clear. No cracking or bleeding. IBS symptoms GONE. Reflux nearly gone. I have not taken a Sudafed or Zyrtec in weeks. I use my rescue inhaler 80 percent less frequently and the only time I ache or hurt is when I overdo it working out.

“Two days ago, I did a 10 mile bike ride in the morning and a 9 mile walk in the evening. At 57, I now feel more like 40 and less like 75!”

Misinformed critics of the Wheat Belly lifestyle frequently say that people lose weight because they are simply cutting calories. They make this claim despite the fact that I advise people to NEVER limit calories, eat MORE fats, DON’T push the plate away, etc. Cutting calories does not reverse allergies, reverse asthma, reverse irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, reverse skin rashes, and reverse joint pains. Matthew is enjoying such an across-the-board transformation in his health because he has removed all the skin-inflaming, airway-inflaming, gastrointestinal-inflaming/irritating, joint inflaming, blood sugar-raising, and allergy-provoking components that make up wheat and grains, from wheat germ agglutinin to gliadin-derived peptides to alpha amylase inhibitors to amylopectin A. Just removing “gluten” does not reduce blood sugar nor would it achieve the same wide range of benefits for Matthew as removing all wheat and grains, a far more comprehensive and powerful approach.

You can appreciate how a life of eating more “healthy whole grains” can cripple health in multiple ways, worsened by advice from dietitians, all “treated” with lists of medications prescribed by doctors. No, the Wheat Belly lifestyle is not a diet; it is a revelation that wheat and grains do not belong in the human body. When you understand this basic and simple principle, you can be empowered in extraordinary ways, just as Matthew has.