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“8 months of no wheat…..I’ve also been following a low-carb diet, but the biggest thing for me is without the wheat, I feel amazing!”

This is what Cathy experienced after 8 months of the Wheat Belly lifestyle. Note the reduction in facial swelling in her chin, cheeks, and around the eyes, yielding the signature larger eyes of this inflammation-reducing lifestyle.

As I often point out, people like Cathy achieve more than weight loss, more than can be achieved by cutting calories or counting points, more than you’d achieve with extreme exercise or smaller portion sizes. That’s because she has reversed inflammation.

This is why people like Cathy experience reduced facial swelling, reduced facial/skin redness, reduced joint pain, increased flexibility, increased energy (likely reflecting reduced brain/glia inflammation), reduced gastrointestinal distress—the trigger for body-wide inflammation, wheat and grains, have been removed. And, even better, do what Cathy did and limit non-grain carbohydrates and sugars, as well.