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Beth shared her 3-month chronicle of her facial transformation.

“3 months no gluten, sugar, or dairy. Major changes in my looks and life!”

Beth chose to also exclude dairy and cut back on non-wheat grains. Her face is thinner, but she also shows the characteristic facial changes that we see so often around here: less facial/cheek edema, less edema/bagginess around the eyes, bigger eyes.

Wheat Belly faces do indeed reflect the substantial weight loss most people experience but, just as important, perhaps even more important, they also reflect diminishing skin inflammation. If we were to measure blood tests such as c-reactive protein, or CRP, or monitor gastrointestinal or joint inflammation, we’d also see these phenomena improving in parallel.

Removing all the components of wheat and grains—gluten, gliadin, wheat germ agglutinin and other lectins, prolamin-derived peptides from partial digestion, the hyperinsulinemia that derives from high blood sugars from the amylopectin A, a multitude of allergenic proteins—and you remove a collection of potent inflammatory factors from your body. And it even shows on the face in such wonderful ways.