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Remember Julie’s wonderful facial transformation and results on the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox? The extraordinary change in her facial appearance and weight loss of 13.5 pounds in the 10-day experience reflects the dramatic reduction of body-wide inflammation.

Her husband, John, had a similar experience. Although he lost a bit less, “only” 10 pounds (still pretty darned impressive, given that we do NOT advocate cutting calories, smaller portions, or extreme exercise in this program packed with filling dishes from the 10-Day Menu Plan in the book), he underwent a similarly dramatic change in facial appearance: less facial edema, less around-the-eye puffiness, larger eyes, sharped facial contours (though partly obscured by his beard). See John’s neck? As with Julie, his neck clearly shows positive changes, as well.

Yes, John’s “before” photo is what advice to cut fat and eat more “healthy whole grains” does to you: causes inflammation, edema/water retention, metabolic disruption, hormonal disruption, weight gain, and gastrointestinal disruption. And, yes, you can view evidence of wheat and grain consumption on the face and you can see those effects recede with their elimination, a wonderful side-benefit of this empowering lifestyle.