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Liana shared her “before” and “after” Wheat Belly photos and experience:

“Looking better and feeling better since cutting out wheat and most grains!

“The face swelling goes away within days. The weight loss I have to work hard for and be intentional about (hypothyroidism and PCOS). I’m shooting for about 2 pounds weight loss per week and so far, so good. Health-wise, I’m not nearly so tired all the time. My joints feel better and less achy, especially the knees. Skin is much healthier.”

As Liana points out, the facial changes are among the earliest of changes we see in the Wheat Belly lifestyle, especially the combination strategies of the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox. Just look at the change in facial appearance that she has enjoyed with this lifestyle, enjoying the inflammation-, edema-, as well as weight-reducing effects—she is practically unrecognizable when she rejects the conventional dietary advice to consume wheat and grains.

I cannot repeat this enough: reducing calories would not account for changes in appearance and health like Liana’s, nor would reducing portion size or adding 30 minutes to her exercise routine. The ONLY strategy that accomplishes such over-the-top, jaw-dropping, head-turning changes is . . . the elimination of the most destructive and inflammatory foods ever introduced into the human diet: wheat and grains.

To drive home the point further, here are more of Liana’s “befores”:

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