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You may remember Cathy from a prior Wheat Belly Blog post when her facial transformation reflected a dramatic reversal of facial edema and inflammation. She recently provided an update with the “before” and 15-month “after” photos above.

Again and again, you will see that, if people stay on course on the Wheat Belly lifestyle, they do not regain the weight, they do not reacquire inflammation, they remain free of all the health problems associated with prior grain consumption, such as diabetes, skin rashes, acid reflux, IBS, emotional ups and downs, leg edema, migraine headaches, high blood pressure, etc. They feel terrific, they look fabulous. Cathy’s face has “deflated,” altering her appearance quite dramatically.

The Wheat Belly lifestyle, completely contrary to all conventional dietary advice, is empowering, uplifting, thinning, and anti-inflammatory, just as Cathy’s facial transformation demonstrates. Here are her photos lined up chronologically:

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