Wheat Belly Blog: New Undoctored book hits bookstores today

Most of you are familiar with the Wheat Belly books and philosophies. I called it Wheat Belly because abdominal fat is the signature pattern of weight gain from a diet based on wheat and grains. It is the outward expression of the deep visceral fat encircling the intestines and other abdominal organs that is inflammatory, disrupts hormones, keeps you from wearing a size 4 bikini, and yields the unsettling sight of middle-aged men with protuberant bellies spilling over Speedos. Wheat Belly conveyed the same lessons that I’d originally learned in the world of heart health, now repackaged to appeal to mainstream interests.

And it worked. Millions of Wheat Belly books and cookbooks have been sold in 44 countries; the Wheat Belly message has been featured on popular TV shows, from The Colbert Report to The 700 Club; and it now has its own public television special. It infuriated the grain industry, which then budgeted large sums of money to attack the message and its messenger. It spawned pushback from people who misperceived the Wheat Belly message as just another plug for a gluten-free diet. Obviously Wheat Belly involves so much more than simply going gluten-free!

Not only did the Wheat Belly message meet expectations in food, weight loss, and sex, it helped thousands of people recover from common health conditions, such as acid reflux and fibromyalgia, within days of starting; relieved lifelong sufferers of migraine headaches and binge eating disorder; and allowed people to get off prescription medications. People experienced reductions in appetite and increased energy and deeper sleep, and they felt and even looked different. (Take a look at the Wheat Belly Blog, for instance, or the Official Wheat Belly Facebook page, and you will see the “before” and “after” facial photos: facial edema gone, cheek/chin redness gone, around-the-eye puffiness gone revealing larger eyes, all developing within a few days to weeks. Some of the transformations are striking.) In short, Wheat Belly works. This wacky-named collection of ideas that originated with efforts at heart health, subsequently embraced by millions while driving the grain industry crazy, simply works. It worked in showing that food choices entirely contrary to conventional wisdom yielded impressive weight loss, made you feel and look sexier while restoring a healthy hormonal status, and reversed a long list of health conditions.

And with more people reading the books and following their advice, newer lessons emerged as larger numbers of people provided feedback. It became clear that efforts at health could not end with a shift in food choices, as crucial as they were. There were nutritional deficiencies remaining, for instance, some caused by wheat and grains, others not, that needed correction, such as magnesium and iodine deficiencies. People needed guidance on how to get off medications, as many doctors proved unhelpful or incapable of dealing with people who no longer had diabetes, for example, but were still taking insulin and diabetes drugs. As many of you have experienced first hand, Doctors struggle to deal with healthy people who no longer need drugs.

This is why I felt compelled to create the next step. The Wheat Belly experience provided a starting point for the concepts that are further advanced in my newest labor of love,  Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You And How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor.

In  Undoctored, I will be discussing food, achieving weight loss, and talking about all aspects of this lifestyle, all while reversing or preventing hundreds of health conditions with little or no doctoring involved. What are you waiting for? Join me in the next step of the journey so becoming truly healthy.  It’s time for you to become Undoctored!

Yours in grainless health,

Dr. William Davis