Get ready for a New Year’s challenge that will change your life forever. How many times have you promised yourself to finally lose that unwanted weight? How many times have you failed? This is nothing more than an exercise in self-destruction. This annual ritual results in lowering your self-esteem, not your weight.

You can feel good about yourself again. You can achieve a physical makeover that makes you look 10, even 20 years younger without Botox, filler injections, surgery, or without any unwanted health consequences. You can actually enjoy shopping for clothing. You can eliminate the need for a multitude of prescription drugs. You simply need a plan. Not just any plan, you need a plan that is backed up by facts and results.

The Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox is unlike all other detox programs. It does not involve cleansing your body with various juices or a magical concoction of supplements purported to remove body “toxins,” nor is it a timetable of daily enemas that complicate your meeting schedule. It is a detoxification process from the toxic effects of wheat and grains, a detoxification in the truest sense of the term. It is not just a matter of not eating wheat and grains or of eating “gluten-free” (as critics often perceive it).

Once the toxic effects of wheat and grains have been removed, additional steps are necessary to undo the entire range of ill effects accumulated from their consumption.

This 10-Day Detox distills all the wisdom of the original Wheat Belly books and the lessons learned by the millions of people who have adopted this approach— incorporating the most insightful, cutting-edge, and effective strategies, and sharing them with you so that you can begin your path to weight and health success in a short 10 days.

This challenge brings with it a community of people who understand what you have gone through and are here to support you as you become the healthy person you desire to be. It all begins with committing to the 10-Day Challenge. Just 10 days! Don’t you owe it to yourself?

No excuses…
The next challenge begins on January 3rd.
So you still have time to prepare!