Leslie has been following the entire Wheat Belly lifestyle with breathtaking results to show for it. More recently, based on our numerous conversations here and elsewhere, she added L. reuteri. Interestingly, although all the skin health and anti-aging benefits have been observed only with the ATCC PTA 6475 and DSM 17938 strains, Leslie took the UALre-16 strain from Nature’s Way, suggesting that this strain may also boost oxytocin and thereby provide all the skin and health benefits of the other strains.

Many are asking what change I’ve made in my makeup as my skin looks so smooth. I lost 40 lbs in past 2 years with Wheat Belly but this addition [L. reuteri] has been a game changer as you can see in my before and after photos. I don’t think I look 65 anymore. Maybe 45? Before pic was 2 years ago and after is today.

“Total cholesterol went from 239 to 224. Triglycerides went from 112 to 94. Statins no longer being recommended. Vitamin D level went from 30 to 46. ALT [liver test] was elevated but now went from 42 to 27. Diverticula decreased from 3 pouches to 1. Diverticulitis attacks lessened from average 3 per year to very rare. Was considered prediabetic but no longer in that category. Skin tags vanished. Dental health much improved with bleeding gums healed. Vision has not deteriorated during this transformation. Was told I would probably need cataract surgery but no longer needed at this time. But the main benefit has been the boost in my self confidence and energy level.

“Adding L. reuteri has caused skin to be less dry, smoother and more even toned. I am slowing the aging process.”

Here’s another before photo Leslie provided: