In one year, Sherry has come a long way in weight, health, and appearance on the Wheat Belly and now Undoctored lifestyles. Here is what she posted recently:

“It’s my one year anniversary with the Wheat Belly and Undoctored programs, and I want to thank Dr. Davis for providing them. My prayers for weight loss and improved health have been answered, and I’m motivated to continue. Let me share some of my data:

Weight: I have lost 40 lbs.
Waist Circumference: I’m 6 inches smaller.
Fasting Blood Sugar: Down from 130 to 102
HbA1c: Down from 6.8 to 5.6
Triglycerides: Down from 124 to 51

“My quality of sleep, energy level, and mood are greatly improved. I no longer need 6 prescriptions for various issues. I’m down to none. My blood pressure has been problematic, but I’m following Dr. Davis’ advice on that. I’m enjoying shopping for clothing now, and I feel good in my clothes. I enjoy exercise now, and I’m participating in a 5K soon. I’m so happy that I began this journey when I did. My quality of life is so improved.”

Just becoming a non-type 2 diabetic is a huge change in the course of Sherry’s future: she will be spared all the complications such as kidney failure, heart disease, peripheral vascular disease and amputations, and accelerated dementia. And, with successes like this, people like Sherry regain their confidence, self-esteem, and a sense that they are in control of their lives, not the doctor, prescription drugs, or a disease.



Dr. Davis: Welcome Sherry, and thank you for giving us some of your time. I saw your story that you posted originally in the Undoctored Inner Circle discussion forum. It was so over-the-top wonderful, and your pictures showed so graphically how far you’ve come, that I wanted to hear more about this story, and I wanted to share it with everybody. So could you tell us why you even started this lifestyle?

Sherry: Yes. I was miserable, after 20 plus years of trying to lose weight, only to be unsuccessful. I would try to eat right, and exercise more, and cut the fat … all the things that the doctors were telling me to do. I would try to follow their guidelines, even the diabetic diet, with lower carbs, but I was only able to stick with it … maybe three months, maybe four months, before giving up, because I was frustrated and I was hungry.

I learned about Wheat Belly from a friend at church. I observed that she had lost a considerable amount of weight, and asked her in the parking lot one day: “what are you doing?”, and she said: “go online look at Wheat Belly.” I did, and I read about it. It was a little while later that I actually began in earnest.

I bought the Undoctored book. I started out with the 10-Day Detox. Then I read more and went ahead with Undoctored. I just began in earnest about a year ago, to follow the lifestyle, to change my diet, to eliminate grains, to include more fat.

Here I am a year later, with 40 pounds off, six inches smaller in my waist — lost weight all over. I’m going to participate in a 5K this coming weekend. I couldn’t do that before. I was diabetic. My A1c has dropped, originally from 7.4 at the highest, right now it’s 5.6, still have some work to do, but I’m getting there.

I haven’t lost as much weight as I want to, but it’s only a year. I’m willing to give myself more time to get there. I’m just starting with some intermittent fasting, trying that, and I’m sure that as I learn more, and as I’m able to do more with that, I’ll be more successful.

Basically I was miserable, and I was tired of the the doctor not giving me help. I even told her a year ago: “I don’t want to be stuck like this. What can I do?” The only answer she had were the typical ones of: following a diabetic diet. I mean, from living with my husband who’s been diabetic for over 10 years, that that really wasn’t the answer. I needed more, and this program has given me has given me more.

Dr. Davis: Reversing reversing type 2 diabetes is a huge accomplishment, as you know. Did you reverse any other conditions?

Sherry: Well, my blood pressure has greatly improved. I’m a school teacher, so during the school year it tends to go up. During the summer it was great. It was no problem. But you know, the stresses that come with work — you know, you spend the day with 7 & 8 year olds — so I’m dealing with that. I’m increasing my fish oil. I’m increasing my melatonin, and trying to get enough sleep at night, things like that, to help.

Dr. Davis: Have you been able to get off prescription medications?

Sherry: Yes. A year ago, I was on 6. 3 of them were for blood pressure. 1 of them was, I never can say it right, Atenolol [e.g. Tenormin®], something like that. It’s one of the ‘lol ones. I weaned myself off that one gradually. I was on something for acid reflux. I was on a generic form of Singulair® [montelukast sodium] for allergy issues. I don’t take anything now.

Dr. Davis: That’s fabulous. Does it save you money?

Sherry: Yes. Yes it has. I had blood work done about a month ago. My triglycerides are down almost 75 points. A year ago they were like 124. Right now they’re at 51. So I’m thrilled with that result.

Dr. Davis: Fabulous — what was your doctor’s reaction to the health changes you’ve experienced?

Sherry: Well, the way it has worked at my doctor’s office, I’ve seen a different person the last couple of times, so I didn’t get to see my original doctor. She’s moving into a different job now. But they’re delighted. But the doctor that I saw, her reaction was “Well, there’s not much I can do for you. There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing I can help you with. You just come back in six months.” I’m like, sure. They don’t know what to do with me.

Dr. Davis: That’s great. As you know, I often say: make yourself useless to the healthcare system by being healthy.

Sherry: I’ve done that.

Dr. Davis: Very good. Well, Sherry, I deeply appreciate you taking the time and effort, and congratulations really on a job spectacularly well done. As you know, this is just a year. It took many years, of course, to get here, but it gets better and better and better the longer you stick with the program.