Our L reuteri yogurt triggers your hypothalamus to release oxytocin, the hormone of empathy and connectedness.

People who consume the yogurt are reporting getting along better with partners, spouses, and family members, feeling more empathetic and closer. I therefore encourage everyone to make the yogurt and share with the family and other people who you wish to be closer to.

Consuming our L. reuteri yogurt restores a microorganisms that has been largely lost in modern people. Could this be a contributor to modern social trends such as increasing isolation, record suicide rates, fragmentation of the family, unprecedented divorce rates?


Doctor William Davis here, author of the Wheat Belly and Undoctored books. I want to you today about a way that you can make your family happier — people get along better, empathize with each other.

It starts with our Lactobacillus reuteri yogurt. If you don’t know how to make that, or you haven’t been making it, see my Wheat Belly Blog or Undoctored Blog for a post that’s called Making L.reuteri Yogurtr e u t e r i, named after the discoverer of this organism, Dr. Gerhard Reuter from Germany.

So we make this yogurt — and it’s not about yogurt per se — it’s about the bacteria, the specific species and strains we use to ferment yogurt. You follow the directions I present in those blog posts, because we do it in a very specific way, to increase bacterial counts, to very high levels.

You consume a half a cup of this yogurt a day — by the way, it’s rich and delicious. It’s tart. It’s sour. You may have to add a squirt of stevia, maybe some blueberries, or a teaspoon of inulin, to take away some of the sour edge. But it’s otherwise delicious to take. Consume a half cup a day, and among its many fabulous effects, including increase in dermal collagen, reduction in skin wrinkles, increase in muscle, and other effects, the yogurt causes the hypothalamus to release oxytocin.

Oxytocin is the hormone of empathy, and connectedness, and the desire for the company, the companionship of other people. I’m seeing this play out, in many families, where one or more people in the household are consuming this yogurt. They’re saying “I’m less angry. I’m less irritable. I feel closer to my partner, my spouse. My children are better behaved.”

So we’re getting a lot of very interesting feedback, that I think truly can make your family a happier bunch of people, who get along better, because you feel for the other person’s experience. So I encourage you to make this yogurt, and not just consume it yourself, but share it with your family. I think you’re going to see a transformation in the way they act towards one another, and how they empathize with each other.