We’ve just introduced a subscription process for the Wheat Belly Blog: You can read give blog posts, but then an annual subscription of $15.99 is required to read further. Why?

The Blog has had 30 million visits over its lifetime by 10 million readers. It takes a lot of support and costs to maintain a site of this size. You don’t see, for instance, that Bob answers questions from readers, Lynn manages our database, Ana and Rachel and Luke work behind the scenes on writing code, Jennifer helps in planning while Chris helps with database and coding issues, making updates, and introducing new functions. There are therefore substantial costs in maintaining a site this size.

With nearly 2000 posts and more added all the time, you have access to an extraordinary amount of unique information, much of it not obtainable anywhere else. How many new ideas have you heard first in the Wheat Belly Blog? L. reuteri yogurt, the age-reversing effects of oxytocin, how to identify then manage SIBO on your own, the growing suspicion that at least some forms of dementia may be due to fungal infestation that originates in the intestines, the opioid withdrawal effects of removing the gliadin protein from your diet—much information that you cannot obtain elsewhere.

My hope is that, with better financial support via subscription, we also add new and better media and discussions to the Wheat Belly Blog. To continue to enjoy Wheat Belly Blog posts, both prior and future, sign up for your $15.99 annual subscription here.