If made according to the recipe I’ve posted with prolonged fermentation time in the presence of prebiotic fiber, 1/2 cup of Lactobacillus reuteri yogurt should provide around 90 billion CFUs of microorganisms. Consuming 1/2 cup per day for many people thereby yields effects such as smoother skin and reduced wrinkles due to the explosion of dermal collagen, accelerated healing, increased muscle mass and strength, preservation of bone density, increased libido, deeper sleep, and profound suppression of appetite. But not everybody experiences these effects.

In our Undoctored Virtual Meetups in the Undoctored Inner Circle, a number of people reported to me that, because they either love the yogurt so much or were interested in experimenting with larger portion sizes, consuming an entire cup of the L. reuteri yogurt, sometimes more, yielded the above effects that they were not experiencing with consuming the 1/2 cup I’ve advised. In other words, there may be a dose-dependent effect of the L. reuteri with more people experiencing benefit with higher doses of bacteria of approximately 180 billion CFUs.

We know that the L. reuteri yogurt boosts oxytocin levels, the hormone responsible for all the above benefits, as well as the increased empathy and desire for connectedness with other people. Because we have not yet performed dose-ranging studies, we do not know what other effects develop, however, such as effects on testosterone, estrogens, and other hormones. There are no experimental nor human data. We are planning to perform such dose-ranging studies of L. reuteri yogurt versus “placebo” yogurt while tracking oxytocin, testosterone, estradiol, ACTH, and other markers, as well as body composition. We are also planning to explore and quantify the social and emotional changes that develop with the yogurt, effects that, I believe, restore a sense of community and empathy for other people.

But until we perform these studies, I really don’t know what the full impact is with consuming more than 90 billion CFUs of L. reuteri. You can appreciate that we are, to some degree, operating in uncharted territory with these sorts of very powerful targeted microbiome strategies. With many thousands of people consuming the yogurt, however, we’ve not witnessed any adverse effects, only powerful positive effects. The only somewhat undesirable observation that people consuming the yogurt have made is an increase in emotionality, such as crying more readily at movies—that’s it.

After all, it’s just yogurt.