Here is functional Oklahoma dentist (a rare breed!) and media personality Dr. Debbie Ozment’s version of my SIBO Yogurt (or what Dr. Ozment calls “Super Gut Yogurt,” which I think is a better name).

She puts a unique spin on making it with a modified method but gets it right with spectacular results. Recall that the SIBO Yogurt incorporates a microbe with several crucial properties:

  1. Colonization of the small intestine—This, after all, is where SIBO occurs. It means that fecal microbes like E. coli, Klebsiella, and Enterococcus have ascended up from the colon and taken up residence in the stomach, duodenum, jejunum, and ileum where they do not belong. The widespread loss of keystone species such as L. reuteri due to over-exposure to antibiotics and other factors is likely a big part of the reason that explains why SIBO is now a huge nationwide epidemic.
  2. Production of bacteriocins—Bacteriocins are natural antibiotics produced by bacteria. The BNR17 strain of Lactobacillus gasseri produces up to 7 bacteriocins effective in killing many of the species of SIBO. Likewise, L. reuteri produces up to 4 bacteriocins, while Bacillus coagulans GBI-30,6086 produces a single, though very effective, bacteriocin.
  3. Increased release of oxytocin—Experimental evidence suggests that L. reuteri causes increased release of the hormone oxytocin from the hypothalamus that, in turn, yields effects that include increased dermal collagen, increased muscle mass, preservation of bone density, increased libido, and acceleration of healing.
  4. Decreased endotoxemia—The reduction of fecal microbes in the small intestine means that endotoxemia, i.e., the entry of bacterial breakdown products like endotoxin into the bloodstream, is reduced. This translates into numerous health benefits including reduced insulin resistance, reduced fatty liver, reduced blood sugar and blood pressure, improved mood, reduced potential for depression, reduced risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease and many other beneficial effects. Recall that the small intestine is ill-equipped to deal with overgrowth of fecal microbes, as it has an easier-to-penetrate single-layer mucus barrier, unlike the two-layer mucus barrier in the colon that is well-suited to house fecal microbes.

These are not just curiosities, but genuinely life- and health-changing effects. Combine efforts to eradicate SIBO and thereby endotoxemia with wheat/grain and sugar elimination and addressing the common nutrient deficiencies that plague modern people (magnesium, iodine, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D) and you have been given the key to magnificent health and youthfulness.

I regret calling it “SIBO Yogurt,” as it suggests that it is only useful for the few weeks of effort to eradicate SIBO. I now believe that it is something we should consume chronically, perhaps a serving every 2-4 days, just to keep populating your GI tract with these species. In future, as we better understand how to encourage microbes to take up long-term, even permanent, residence, perhaps we can just consume it for a few days and then enjoy the presence of these microbes for the rest of our lives. But, likely due to our lack of understanding of microbial “guilds” or “consortia,” i.e., communities of microbes that “collaborate” and help sustain each other, consuming the microbes of SIBO Yogurt yields colonization for no more than a couple of weeks. So, until our understanding of these phenomena advances, push back your SIBO with SIBO Yogurt, then continue to consume on occasion to prevent the all-too-common recurrences.

By the way, Dr. Debbie Ozment produces a podcast, Vitality Made Simple, in which she delivers many informative nuggets of advice given her extensive understanding of oral health, the oral microbiome, and their unexpected and substantial impact on overall health.