Defiant Health podcast

In this episode of my Defiant Health podcast, let’s discuss this nutrient that has essentially disappeared from the diets of most modern people: hyaluronic acid.

Many ladies are already familiar with hyaluronic acid as a topical cosmetic, often sold as “serums,” that makes the skin temporarily smoother and moisture, a purely topical effect. Maybe some of you have heard that hyaluronic acid can also be injected into skin as a filler to reduce wrinkles or improve contours, or injected into joints such as knees and hips to provide several months of relief from arthritis. 

But there is so much more about hyaluronic acid to know, especially now that it has vacated the modern diet. Let’s talk about why it’s absent, where you were supposed to getting it, and what sorts of health benefits you can expect by bringing it back. 

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