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Ready to uncover the intriguing connection between Parkinson’s disease and the gastrointestinal microbiome? Join us as we explore this fascinating subject with data analytics specialist turned microbiome researcher, Martha Carlin. Martha brings us up to speed on her research endeavors, one of which includes the Bio Collective, a project that collected fecal samples from 1,000 participants, and her venture, BiotiQuest, that developed unique probiotics with collaborative microbial species.

Some of you following my Defiant Health podcasts or my website may already be familiar with Martha Carlin. For those of you not yet acquainted, Martha Carlin, formerly a data analytics specialist, turned all of her attentions to the microbiome when her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She quickly learned that current medical treatments for this condition do not slow the progression of the disease from increasing disability and dementia; they only reduce some of the phenomena such as tremor or impaired gait. She therefore founded several organizations to better study both Parkinson’s disease and the gastrointestinal microbiome.

As we venture deeper, we connect with Martha and Dr Raul Cano, founders of Biotiquest, to understand their innovative probiotic products designed to support various health aspects. Martha shares the results of their recent study, showing a significant shift in the microbiome and drop in serum lipopolysaccharide.

In the captivating latter part of our conversation, we investigate the promising potential of probiotics and fasting in Parkinson’s disease treatment. Martha and Raul share their patent news and discuss their probiotics’ successful use to reduce endotoxemia and target abdominal visceral fat. We also examine the story of a man’s remission of Parkinson’s disease after a long fast, sparking a discussion on the potential of a 30-day fast experiment. By tuning in, you’ll gain a wealth of insights into the evolving field of microbiome research and the impressive impacts of probiotics on our health.

Full disclosure: BiotiQuest is a sponsor of this Defiant Health podcast. But the reason I asked Martha and BiotiQuest to be a sponsor is because their interests are aligned With my philosophy and scientific interests: we are both interested in giving people better tools for health, specifically better tools to manage the microbiome.

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