Personally, I take no prescription medications and rarely have to resort to any over-the-counter medications.

I do not take a statin drug, nor baby aspirin. I take nothing for high blood pressure, acid reflux, or irritable bowel syndrome. I take nothing for headaches, pain, or sleep—not a single prescription medication.

Yet my blood pressure is typically around 108/72. My triglycerides are 40 mg/dl, HDL cholesterol is 94 mg/dl, and I have zero small LDL particles. My fasting glucoses are in the 80s mg/dl, last HbA1c was 4.8%, my liver markers are all at the low normal range with no fatty liver suggested. In other words, I have perfect metabolic health without reliance on any medication.

When I’ve polled people on my programs, such as my weekly two-way Zoom meetings with the 70-100 attendees through my Inner Circle, the majority likewise rely on no prescription drugs yet have similar markers of superior metabolic health. The occasional person will be taking thyroid hormones or insulin for type 1 diabetes, since the damage done to the thyroid gland or pancreas cannot be reversed. But it is the rare person who needs blood pressure, acid reflux, or other conventional drugs. There is certainly no one taking a biologic drug like Stelara or a GLP-1 agonist like Mounjaro or Ozempic. Followers of my program also report encountering confused reactions when asked by nurses or doctors what drugs they take. Invariably, when they answer “none,” the doctor reacts by suggesting that he/she prescribe a few. It is a peculiar and perverse reality of modern doctors and healthcare: they don’t recognize genuine health when they see it.

The explanation for this is simple: We do not ‘treat” health conditions around here. Instead, we address the common factors absent or lacking in modern life that allows modern diseases to emerge. We revert, for instance, to a style of eating that is programmed into your genetic code because it mimics what humans have done for the last several million years, or at least as close as we can get given modern limitations. We restore nutrients whose need is also programmed into your genetic code and that, when replaced, normalize many physiologic phenomena (e.g., elimination of insulin resistance, normalization of parathyroid hormone levels with vitamin D restoration, normalization of inflammatory eicosanoid and prostaglandins with omega-3 fatty acid restoration, normalization of thyroid hormone activity with iodine, etc.—there is logic built into the program) We also replace keystone gastrointestinal microbes that reduce fecal microbial species down from the 24-feet of small intestine into the colon where they belong, thereby reducing endotoxemia in the bloodstream.

No matter how powerful or effective the program, we cannot, of course, eliminate injuries from car accidents, sports, or attacks by other people. But we can have a major impact on the “diseases of civilization” that are nearly non-existent in human populations who do not engage in modern life. People in the jungles of Brazil or New Guinea, or the savannah of Tanzania or Kenya, hunting and gathering their next meal and unexposed to antibiotics, food additives, and pharmaceuticals, have no obesity, no type 2 diabetes, no hypertension, no coronary disease, no ulcerative colitis, no colon cancer, no acne, no psoriasis, etc.—i.e., the diseases that modern diet and lifestyles have created. Yes, they have injury and infections such as Dengue fever and malaria, but they have almost none of the diseases that we have galore in Western society. And they accomplish this without “benefit” of pharmaceutical drugs.

It means that, given the right message, the vast majority of pharmaceutical agents are simply unnecessary. Billions of dollars are spent every year for health conditions that are readily and easily reversible. But don’t ask most doctors or other healthcare providers on how to accomplish this. Because there is no profit in gaining perfect health, few want to offer this message. It is easier and more profitable to tell you things like “Everything in moderation,” or “Follow the dietary guidelines, or “Eat more healthy, whole grains, ” or “Here is a prescription for that health problem,” all mantras that cause disease.