If you’ve been following my conversations, you know that we restore the lost microbe, Lactobacillus reuteri, that yields numerous beneficial effects on the human host. Sourcing it, however, has been something of a problem. The original L. reuteri yogurt recipe, for instance, involved crushing 10 tablets of the Gastrus product, since the number of microbes per tablet were low (200 million per tablet) and it requires around 2 billion counts to reliably get fermentation started with this species (10 x 200 million = 2 billion). Others have had difficulty in getting the microbe to ferment, especially during hot summer months, suggesting that there were no viable microbes remaining after delivery.
Many have therefore asked for better sources, so I came up with MyReuteri. Each capsule contains 20 billion CFUs (colony-forming units, a count of live microbes). One capsule is therefore more than enough to get a batch of L. reuteri started. Others may simply want to take this as a probiotic or as an adjunct to Gut to Glow for higher counts of L. reuteri. (We remain uncertain what CFU dose yields the most benefits; our research efforts are ongoing.) The strain is our (Realize Therapeutics’) proprietary strain that we have studied in animals and in humans, different from the Gastrus strains.
There is nothing wrong in continuing to use the Gastrus strains. MyReuteri is simply another option for you to get started or to use as a probiotic. You can make L. reuteri yogurt as a sole fermenting microbe, or you can use this as a source for L. reuteri in making the SIBO Yogurt (but will need to source the L. gasseri and the optional B. coagulans.)
You now have a trusted source for L. reuteri:
Here’s a YouTube video I made to show you how to make L. reuteri yogurt in case you’re new to this concept.