About Dr. Davis

There’s a common belief that genuine health is only achievable through the care of a doctor–but that simply is not true. In fact, it is the farthest from the truth. The truth is that, given the right information and tools, magnificent health is achievable without prescription drugs, without medical procedures, all by applying some basic principles of nutrition and efforts to address common nutrient deficiencies and a disrupted microbiome.

My Pivotal Moment

After 25 years of practicing cardiology, it became clear that I was in the business of dispensing prescription drugs and procedures, not health. Once I rejected conventional notions of delivering “health” through drugs and procedures and instead began to seek out ways to restore health naturally, logically, inexpensively, so many answers became apparent. Delivering these ideas to people has resulted in reversing hundreds of common health conditions, effortless weight loss, day-to-day functioning at higher levels, as well as many age-reversing effects.

It all got started a number of years ago, when I observed that over 80% of the people I met in my cardiology medical practice were pre-diabetic or diabetic. In an effort to reduce blood sugars, I asked patients to remove all wheat products from their diet based on the simple fact that foods made of wheat flour raise blood sugar higher than nearly all other foods. Yes, that’s true for even whole grains. More than table sugar, more than a Snickers bar. Organic, multigrain, sprouted–it makes no difference. Not only that but wheat and other grains throw our microbiome out of balance and can wreak havoc on so many other bodily functions. I observed dramatic effects when I asked people to banish all wheat and grains from their diet.

A few things that took me by surprise

Not only did patients seem to improve the conditions that I was seeing them for, but they also experienced:
  • Weight loss of 25 to 30 lbs over several months
  • Marked improvement or total relief from arthritis
  • Improvement in asthma sufficient to stop 2 or 3 inhalers
  • Complete relief from acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms
  • Disappearance of leg swelling and numbness
  • Increased mental clarity, deeper sleep, and more stable moods and emotions

A New View on Dieting and Health

These lessons led me to an entirely new view of dieting and health. The newest insights? Management of the human microbiome takes us even further down the path of magnificent health, control over weight, and even age-reversing phenomena.

By learning to navigate the microbiome, people can take back control over their health like we never knew was possible. When people restore key microbes it is possible to achieve spectacular results. The most amazing thing? It is possible to navigate the epidemic of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) in the comfort of your own home. Doing this can help people achieve effects such as deeper sleep, restoration of strength and muscle mass, accelerated recovery from strenuous exercise or work, and even achieve smoother skin.

What I also understood is that knowing how to tackle these issues on your own can be daunting, that is why I have developed programs that make it easier, more accessible, and more effective for those choosing to make this lifestyle change. To get you started I offer a 10-Day Detox program with plenty of helpful resources for beginners with coaching to help you embrace this new infinite health lifestyle. From there, we have a thriving community of over 400,000 members. With an Inner Circle membership, you have access to an active community that includes access to Dr. Davis, other Members, as well as a rich collection of resources for continued support and education throughout your adoption of this lifestyle.

I’m not promoting drugs, fancy medical procedures, or costly equipment. I’m not promoting a process that makes a pharmaceutical company rich or helps hospitals gain more procedures. I’m talking about a simple program that yields incredible and unexpected health benefits in so many more ways than you’d think. While we begin with diet, we then go far beyond diet to expand your tools and insights to regain health, slenderness, and youthfulness.

The Infinite Health Food Pyramid

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