“The food you eat is making you sick and the agencies that are providing you
with guidelines on what to eat are giving dangerous advice with devastating
health consequences. You can change that today.”

-Dr. Davis

Bacillus coagulans Yogurt: The Anti-Inflammatory and Tastiest Yogurt of All
Here’s one of the many recipes from my Super Gut book in which we choose a microbe to ferment as yogurt (or other foods) to achieve specific hea
Hyaluronic acid: Animal-sourced prebiotic fiber?
I have discussed how and why hyaluronic acid, a repeating chain of two sugar molecules, is nearly absent from the modern diet, given our aversion to c
Ancient Wisdom
I recently binge-watched a TV series named “Rig” about the crew on an oil rig in the cold waters of the North Sea who find themselves cut
Eradicate C. diff with . . . C. diff?
Fighting fire with fire! A recent study examined the efficacy of a probiotic mix of 8 strains of Clostridium difficile (C. diff) administered orally a
Love on the verge of obsession
“It was the year they fell into devastating love. Neither one could do anything except think about the other, dream about the other, and wait fo
Woman with muscle
Muscle Up
Of all the miraculous effects experienced upon restoring the gastrointestinal (GI) microbe lost by nearly all of us, Lactobacillus reuteri, I have not
I love me
Look around you: Imagine modern relationships, interactions, media conversations of today transported back to, say, 1940. Would they seem peculiar or
Skin microbiome
Are you applying topical antibiotics?
Skin, of course, is our major interface with the external world. Through skin, we sense temperature, moisture, touch, while also providing a protectiv
Uric acid and gout as reflections of dysbiosis
Greater blood and urine levels of uric acid can cause gout (painful uric acid crystal deposition in joints) and kidney disease. More recently, uric ac
Hyaluronic acid: The underappreciated prebiotic fiber
Marinho 2021 Via Creative Commons License 4.0 It comes as a surprise to many people that all fibers—insoluble, soluble, prebiotic, etc.—ar
Dead garden
Dirt and weeds--in your gut?
Remember how I likened the gastrointestinal (GI) microbiome to a backyard garden? To start your springtime garden, you clear the soil of twigs, rocks,
Gut-Skin axis, skin barrier function
Is there a gut-skin axis?
Graphic courtesy of Trompette et al 2023 and Creative Commons license Many ladies (and the occasional male) engage in elaborate skin routines every da

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